Starting business in Gainesville in 1998 we have been serving the area with computer service and repair as Ozark Computers. In 2002 we had decided to look for an alternative to the dreaded dial-up services that were popping up all over the area with local numbers. One thing constant about all dial-up and DSL is that it all use the same poor quality phone lines this area has to offer.

The answer was to not use phone lines at all! Go Wireless!! We are continuing our goal to cover as much of Ozark County as possible with current technology. As technology changes and gets more efficient it will allow us to reach areas that we can not reach today. If we do a site survey and you are not able to get our service now, we will keep your information and notify you when we are able to serve your location. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service and Support!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver reliable Wireless High Speed Internet Services for businesses and residents by using a last-mile solution for remote rural areas that currently do not have traditional wired or cabled supported connections. We are Customer driven. We feel a sense of urgency on any matters related to our Customers. We believe that our growth depends on close interaction with our Customers and promise to live up to and beyond their expectations.